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Bowed Radio: Hosted by me

I have been a long time listener of the podcast Bowed Radio. So, when Mark put out a call for collaboraters I jumped on board and figured out how I could help. The result is my first ever podcast episode. You can find all the details of the show over there. Enjoy :)

As this is a more or less techinical blog here are the tools I used:

Audacity go mic

I bought this microphone to record my violin when I practice and it worked great in recording the podcast too. It sounds suprisingly good and the stand is nice: it can clip to your laptop screen bezel or rest on a desk self supported. Overall I am happy with it.

Using those two tools I got over the hurdle of making my first podcast. It was fun and maybe I will start doing a technical podcast in the future. I for one miss hacker medley

Fri Apr 15, 2011


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