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FreedomHEC Taipei - November 20-21, 2008

Hot on the heals of LPC is another event I am helping to organize. :D

If you are involved in Linux driver development please consider giving a talk at FreedomHEC Taipei.

FreedomHEC Taipei

FreedomHEC Taipei brings together experts in the Linux community with developers wanting to write Linux drivers for their hardware products. Taiwan is a leader in hardware component development and teams based in the country are building headlining devices such as the EeePC. Helping Taiwan developers learn the Linux development process will improve future hardware support in Linux.

  • Who: Hardware engineers, driver developers, you.
  • What: High-intensity learning, networking and Linux driver development unconference
  • Where: Technical Service Building (14F., No.133, Sec. 4, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei City 105, Taiwan, R.O.C. )
  • When: November 20-21, 2008
  • Why: Take control of your own destiny and make your hardware valuable to the Linux market.

The event is hosted by the Institute for Information Industry with support from the Linux Foundation.

Thu Sep 25, 2008


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