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ghar: managing your $HOME in git

I have never seen this show fwiw

For awhile I have struggled with rsyncing dotfiles between my development machines, laptop and workstation. As a Kernel developer I usually have one or more machines in a half broken state so being able to continue work in a familiar environment on one of the working ones is important.

A year ago Gavin, Graham and I worked up a plan to manage and sync home directory dotfiles with git. But, unlike other solutions we didn’t want everything in one big git repo. Why? For example on a remote build machine I don’t want my abook synced over but I do want my git and vimrc. Our original implementation didn’t work out, as I explain below, but my new rewrite of our idea is working great.

Check it out:

ghar can help you manage your $HOME in git using a collection of git repos seperated by topic or privacy. For example if you work on a variety of machines and want to share your .emacs on github but not your .ssh then ghar is for you.


$ git clone git://ifup.org/philips/ghar.git
$ export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/ghar/bin/ # You may wish to make this permanent

Getting Started

$ cd ghar
$ mkdir devel
$ cd devel
$ git init
$ mv ~/.vimrc .
$ git add .vimrc
$ git commit -m "vimrc: initial commit"
$ ghar install
  installed /home/philips/.vimrc
$ ghar install --status
  ok /home/philips/.vimrc

Adding External Repos

# While in the base of the ghar directory
$ ghar add git://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh.git oh-my-zsh
$ ghar install
  installed /home/philips/.oh-my-zsh


These two chaps helped me on the original bash implementation. However, our original plan of attack ended up being too unwieldy as it used the –git-dir directive to do the magic instead of symlinks.

Graham Forest, Gavin McQuillan

Have fun everyone :) Fork me on github.

Sun Oct 31, 2010


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