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I love writing systems software and my current passion and work is CoreOS.

Greasemonkey makes real estate fun!

Nisha and I started seriously looking at getting a house recently. It being the 21st Century means large amounts of our house hunting time will be spent on the Internet; specifically rmlsweb.com a regional real estate listing service.

A huge annoyance with the site is that it uses a pretty lame mapping service called “GeoJet” which generates horrible looking maps.

Naturally, I started Googling for Greasemonkey scripts to find out if someone had fixed this already and sure enough my friend Kees Cook had written a user script in 2006!

With a little modification I got it working great with the new RMLS site. You can find it at git://ifup.org/philips/rmls-mapper.git or install the latest version now!

Wed May 13, 2009


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