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Linux Plumbers Conf- huge success and looking to 2009

Linux Plumbers Conf was a huge success due to the huge amount of effort put forth by the organizers and the great turnout of attendees. Thanks to everyone!

A highlight of the conference, for me, was meeting some of the folks in the DVB/V4L community. This was the first time that this many core video developers were together in the same place and a lot was accomplished. There was discussion about the new DVB API for supporting new protocols, libv4l’s progress, routing APIs for future devices, and my discussion about a V4L server. Also, I found out that Mauro now works for Red Hat- which is great news for the subsystem.

For those who weren’t able to make it LWN has a collection of good wrap-up articles on the front page. Also, Sri is working on getting videos of the keynote and some other events up on the web. Keep an eye on LinuxPlumbersConf.org for those.

Looking to LPC 2009

Next year we would like to get other people involved in the conference organization and planning. If you are interested in helping please register for the 2008 WRAP PARTY / 2009 Kickoff this Friday September 26th from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Andina’s Restaurant - 2nd floor (above the restaurant)

Wed Sep 24, 2008


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