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Linux Plumbers Conf: speakers, early bird registration, V4L microconf

The Linux Plumbers Conf early bird registration is drawing to a close- grab a cheap seat while you still have time.

Need a bit more convincing? Check out our speakers list.

We released our speaker list this week and we have a great group. I am most excited that we are finally bringing together a few of the video4linux developers for a face to face microconf.

In particular it will be good to talk about libv4l, a low level library that does frame conversion, since nearly all video applications need conversion soon to support gspca devices. Hans De Goede started the library a few months ago and we are both working to patch applications to get support into OpenSuSE 11.1 and Fedora 10.

Having applications use a library also opens up the possibility of doing some smart things like launching a proxy server (ala. dmix, pulseaudio) and having Cheese and Skype able to use the camera at the same time. Although, it would be nice if Skype got involved so we wouldn't have to LDPRELOAD our way in ;)

Sun Aug 17, 2008


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