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I love writing systems software and my current passion and work is CoreOS.

(update) Talk Submissions for C Conf End June 13th!

Update: Deadline is now the end of June 13th (Wednesday)

Everyone uses C to implement interesting things.” This is the core idea that drove me to start working on The C Conference. From operating systems, libraries, games and embedded devices C is at the core of the tech around us.

Many people have asked, “oh, the C conference, hmm, which one?”. This is a great question. Every year there are conferences to discuss systems built and used by C devlopers including GCC/LLVM summits, ApacheCon, Linux Kernel Summit and BSDCONs, to name a few. But, the focus is on developing the project not what the project is developed with.

The C Conference is for meeting people outside of your own communities, cross pollinating knowledge between projects, discovering how to solve similar problems and finding new tools. We have a lot to show each other.

There is precedence too. Major languges like Python or Javascript have language conferences. As an example, JQuery is arguably the most ubiquitous js web framework ever and it has its own conference but JSConf is an anchor within the Javascript community for sharing the breadth of Javascript knowledge.

So, lets give it a go. The C Conference is accepting proposals and talk ideas through the end of Wednesday (June 13th) on the reverse CFP.

It has been a lot of work and fun to reach into communities and projects to get the talk ideas and proposals that have been posted so far. But, we haven’t yet reached the full audience for this conference. Help spread the word about The C Conference and submit a proposal today.

Wed Jun 6, 2012


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