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The Right Tool for the Job: git-stitch-repo

I maintain the acl and attr packages for SuSE and I was bitten by a bug twice last month because these two packages both have a copy of a utility library called libmisc. In summary: I fixed the acl version of libmisc but forgot to copy the patch over and check-in the same fix for attr. Needless to say a user filed a bug a few weeks later against attr too. Doh.

The root of the problem isn’t my incompetence, naturally, it is the fact that these two utilities duplicate code instead of sharing. ;)

Yesterday, Christoph Hellwig moved these packages from CVS at SGI to GIT at kernel.org. With the code available via GIT I now had an opportunity to fix the libmisc duplication problem. Initially it wasn’t clear how to merge the two histories of these projects together. But, with a bit of Googling I found a great little utility called git-stitch-repo that is designed for exactly that. Here is how I made it happened:

{% highlight bash %} git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/attr-dev.git git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/acl-dev.git mkdir acl-attr-dev cd acl-attr-dev/ git init git-stitch-repo ../acl-dev:acl ../attr-dev:attr | git fast-import git checkout master-A git pull . master-B git branch -d master-A git branch -d master-B git checkout -b libmiscmerge {% endhighlight %}


{% highlight bash %} git checkout master git pull . libmiscmerge {% endhighlight %}

And the result is the merged acl-attr-dev.git. Neat!

Sat Feb 7, 2009


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